Our streamlined Summer@SPEL program is an ideal starting point to complete course prerequisites for our degree programs or to start a Training Track program. Enjoy a great study environment within a tight-knit community



Our eight non-degree Training Tracks range from 2 to 4 semesters, and provide specialty training in a short time span. These are ideal for students wishing to focus on specific areas of language-development work.



Our undergraduate programs are great for a well-rounded education in applied linguistics. They include optional minors to meet your needs and interests, and prepare you for a wide range of roles in cross-cultural settings.

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We have launched this program with an aim to enhance the English-literate population of the country and help millions of learners who wish to speak the English language fluently but face any kind of issues while speaking by offering two different courses:

  • SPEL Student
    For all those school-going children between 5-18 years age group who wish to enhance their speaking skills
  • SPEL Basic
    For each and every individual who dreams of speaking fluently in English, belonging to any age group, profession, or region
100% Security

CCTV cameras installed at every corner of the institution for better security

Fully AC Classrooms

The classrooms are fully air-conditioned and possess a comforting learning environment

Free Wifi

A 100 Mbps free Wifi facility is also available for students.

Hygiene & Sanitation

The building is neat, clean, and properly sanitized to avoid any infections.

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Students Employed Abroad

Language shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about.

-Benjamin Lee Whorf

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